Kalimantan attractions

Top Choice Wildlife Reserve in Balikpapan

Samboja Lestari

A Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation project, Samboja Lestari houses more than 150 orang-utans on a series of islands, along with a separate sun bear sanctuary. Half-day morning and afternoon tours include lunch o…
Top Choice Mosque in Samarinda

Islamic Center

The western skyline of Samarinda is dominated by this must-see complex containing an ornate and colourful mosque with adjacent observation tower. The latter is the highest point in the city, offering panoramic views…
Top Choice Cathedral in Pontianak

St Joseph's Cathedral

Pontianak's dramatic domed cathedral was opened in 2015, replacing the earlier 1908 church deemed not large enough to accommodate the city's Catholic congregation. While obviously European in design, with its St Pet…
Wildlife in Tanjung Puting National Park

Orang-utan Feedings

Orang-utan feedings at Tanjung Puting National Park are part of an ongoing rehabilitation process, but also allow visitors a near-guaranteed opportunity to see the great apes in semi-wild surroundings. Feedings take…
Market in Banjarmasin

Pasar Terapung Lok Baintan

The more authentic of Banjarmasin's floating markets is about one hour by boat northeast of the centre on the Martapura River.
Village in Sukadana


Known for its high-quality rice, this verdant farming village at the foot of Gunung Palung, 10km northeast of Sukadana, has a unique attitude and aesthetic due to the Balinese migrants, whose culture blends with the…
House in Putussibau

Betang Banua Tengah

Built in 1864, this betang is home to Tamambaloh Apalin Dayak. Debate over whether it's the oldest longhouse in the region (if not Kalimantan) abruptly ended in 2014, when neighbouring contender Betang Uluk Palin tr…
Wildlife Reserve in Balikpapan

KWPLH Sun Bear Conservation Center

This informative sun bear conservation centre is surprisingly straight to the point about the heartbreaking plight of all of Kalimantan's animals. Seven resident bears reside in the 1.3-hectare walled enclosure; wal…
Archaeological Site in Merabu

Goa Beloyot

Indiana Jones would feel right at home ascending to this alcove in a limestone cliff above the forest, 5km from Merabu village, where travellers left their mark some 10,000 years ago. These hand stencils and animal …
Mine in Banjarmasin

Cempaka Diamond Fields

Wooden sluices filter muck from pits where men stand chest deep blasting away at the sediment with water cannons. Mining at Kalimantan's largest diamond mine at its most basic, cheap, picturesque, and – for the bold…