Wildlife in Tanjung Puting National Park

Orang-utan Feedings

Orang-utan feedings at Tanjung Puting National Park are part of an ongoing rehabilitation process but also allow visitors a guaranteed opportunity to see the great apes in semi-wild surroundings. Feedings take place…
Palace in Pangkalan Bun

Istana Kuning

The mostly empty hilltop palace overlooking Pangkalan Bun Park celebrates three architectural traditions of the sultans' assorted wives: Chinese, Dayak and Malay. Built in 1806 (and rebuilt in 1990 after a deranged …
Museum in Berau

Keraton Sambaliung

This 215-year-old Keraton was built after descendants of brothers from other mothers (same father: the 9th sultan) got tired of alternating rule at Gunung Tabor and split the sultanate. The colossal crocodile of que…
Beach in Balikpapan

Kemala Beach

A clean, white-sand beach with adjacent cafes and restaurants, and a laid-back vibe. If you need a break from the jungle (urban or natural) this is your best local option. Although it gets hot at midday, you probabl…
Palace in Pangkalan Bun

Istana Pangeran Mangkubumi

Built to house a sultan's seven daughters, this original rambling wooden compound fights against gravity among well-kept gardens in a quiet neighbourhood.
Mosque in Balikpapan

Masjid Agung At-Taqwa

An impressive sight, this mosque is adorned with a complex sheath of Islamic geometrical patterns, and is lit up in multicoloured splendour at night.
Museum in Berau

Museum Batiwakkal

Located at the site of Berau's original Keraton, this 1981 building houses an eclectic collection of sultan-obilia starting from the 17th century.
Museum in Tenggarong

Mulawarman Museum

The former sultan's palace built by the Dutch in 1937 is now a decent museum chronicling the culture, natural history and industry of Indonesia's oldest kingdom – as evidenced by 5th-century Sanskrit engravings (ori…
Museum in Pontianak

Istana Kadriah

For an outing that will show you a bit of town, visit the leaking palace of Pontianak's first sultan on the east bank of the Kapuas. Nearby, the wooden Mesjid Abdurrahman stands where a cannonball reportedly landed …
Village in Sukadana


Known for its high-quality rice, this verdant farming village at the foot of Gunung Palung (10km northeast of Sukadana) has a unique attitude and aesthetic due to the Balinese migrants, whose culture blends with the…