Kalabahi restaurants

Indonesian in Kalabahi

Resto Mama

This wood-and-bamboo dining room is perched over the bay on stilts, 50m west of Pasar Kedelang. There's plenty of seafood and Indo fare, but the house specialty is ikan kuah assam mama, a sweet and sour fish soup wi…
Indonesian in Kalabahi

Rumah Makan Jember

Before you turn down Jl Suka Maju to reach Alor Dive, stop at this fantastic local haunt. Make a beeline for the counter, piled with sayur (vegetables), chicken sate, noodles, tempeh and more. Make your decision and…
Supermarket in Kalabahi

Pagi Mart

Stop in for vital supplies, like beer, ice cream, sunscreen and anything else you might need.