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Historic Site in Jiwika

Wimontok Mabel Mummy

Jiwika (pronounced Yiwika) is a local administrative centre and home to the celebrated Wimontok Mabel mummy. The mummy is kept at the tiny settlement of Sumpaima, 300m north along the main road from the main Jiwika …
Area in Jiwika

Air Garam

At Iluwe, 1½ hours up a steep path from Jiwika, is Air Garam, a group of saltwater wells. Villagers soak sections of banana trunk in the water, then dry and burn them and use the resulting ashes as salt. Village boy…
Cave in Jiwika

Gua Kotilola

The road north from Jiwika is flanked by rocky hills with several caves. Gua Kotilola is a sizeable cavern up a short, pretty path behind a Dani compound, about 5km north of Jiwika. It contains the bones of past tri…