Top things to do

Top Choice Beach in Jimbaran

Jimbaran Beach

One of Bali’s best beaches, Jimbaran’s 4km-long arc of sand is mostly clean and there is no shortage of places to get a snack, a drink, a seafood dinner or to rent a sunlounger. The bay is protected by an unbroken c…
Top Choice Market in Jimbaran

Jimbaran Fish Market

A popular morning stop on a Bukit Peninsula amble, this fish market is smelly, lively and frenetic – watch where you step. Brightly painted boats bob along the shore while huge cases of everything from small sardine…
Ceramics in Jimbaran

Jenggala Keramik Bali Ceramics

This modern warehouse showcases beautiful ceramic homewares that are a favourite Balinese purchase. There’s a viewing area where you can watch production, as well as a cafe. Ceramic courses are available for adults …
Seafood in Jimbaran

Jimbaran Bay Seafood

The menu assures patrons that seeing the prices means 'Don't be worry!' Part of the rather staid northern group, JBS is especially welcoming with a huge variety of tables: inside under cover, on the concrete terrace…
Seafood in Jimbaran

Warung Ramayana

Fishing boats dot the beach in front of this long-running favourite. The seafood marinates from the early morning and grills smoke all evening. The menu has useful fixed prices so you can avoid bargaining.
Bar in Jimbaran

Rock Bar

Star of a thousand glossy articles written about Bali, this bar perched 14m above the crashing Indian Ocean is very popular. In fact, at sunset the wait to ride the lift down to the bar can top one hour. There's a n…
Market in Jimbaran

Morning Market

This is one of the best markets in Bali for a visit because a) it’s compact so you can see a lot without wandering forever; b) local chefs swear by the quality of the fruit and vegetables – ever seen a cabbage that …
Cafe in Jimbaran

Jimbaran Beach Club

Just in case Jimbaran Bay wasn't alluring enough, this beach bar has a long pool bordering the sand. Rather upscale, you can rent a comfy lounger and umbrella and enjoy ordering from a long drinks and food menu.
Seafood in Jimbaran

Made Bagus Cafe

Tucked away at the north end of the southern group; the staff serving their narrow patch of tables on the beach here radiate charm. Go for one of the mixed platters and ask for extra sauce, it's that good.
Seafood in Jimbaran

Warung Bamboo

Warung Bamboo is slightly more appealing than its neighbours, all of which have a certain raffish charm. The menu is dead simple: choose your seafood and the sides and sauces are included.