Museum in Jepara

Museum RA Kartini

On the north side of the alun-alun this museum is dedicated to one of Indonesia’s most celebrated women. One room is devoted to Kartini and contains portraits of her and her family, plus memorabilia. Other rooms con…
Mosque in Jepara


The mosque and tomb of Ratu Kali Nyamat, the great warrior-queen, are in Mantingan, 4km south of Jepara. Kali Nyamat twice laid siege to Portugal’s Melaka stronghold in the latter part of the 16th century. The mosqu…
Beach in Jepara

Pantai Bandengan

Jepara has some fine white-sand beaches. Pantai Bandengan (aka Tirta Samudra), 7km northeast of town, is one of the best beaches on the north coast – an arc of gently shelving white sand. The main public section can…
Fortress in Jepara

Benteng VOC

Heading north from the Museum R A Kartini, cross the river and veer left up the hill to the old Dutch Benteng VOC. Over the last 50 years the fort’s stonework has been pillaged, but the site has good views across to…
Beach in Jepara

Pantai Kartini

The most popular beach is Pantai Kartini, 3km west of town – locals often call it Pemandian. From there you can rent a boat (around 150,000Rp return) to nearby Pulau Panjang, which has excellent white-sand beaches.