Top things to do in Jayapura

Top Choice Indonesian in Jayapura

Resto & Cafe Rumah Laut

This upmarket place, built on stilts above the waters of Jayapura bay, is where locals come when they want to impress. The wide-ranging menu takes in Indonesian classics, a few Chinese options, and fish. Lots of fis…
Museum in Jayapura

Museum Loka Budaya

Cenderawasih University’s cultural museum contains a fascinating range of Papuan artefacts including the best collection of Asmat carvings and ‘devil-dance’ costumes outside Agats, most of which was selected by Mich…
Beach in Jayapura

Pantai Base G

Base G beach is nearly 3km long, sandy, clean and lined with wooden picnic platforms. The best beach easily accessible from Jayapura, it is usually near-empty, except on Sunday when locals come in droves to bathe, w…
Juice Bar in Jayapura

Sky Land

Sip on fresh coconut water at this scenic overlook of Teluk Imbi and the dramatic cliffs plunging toward it. It's a nice way to break up the drive if you're coming from the airport on your way to Argapura.
Seafood in Jayapura

Duta Cafe

Open-air and riverfront, Duta Cafe serves up excellent ikan bakar (grilled fish) and offers a lively scene in the evenings.
Indonesian in Jayapura

Waroeng Pojok

Part of a small national chain of cool, comfy restaurants serving classic Javanese cuisine and frothy milkshakes and juices. It makes a delicious change from the endless oily nasi goreng of small-town Papua or the s…
Mall in Jayapura

Mal Jayapura

A four-storey shopping mall complete with a kid zone, food court and movie theatre.