Top Choice Carnival in Karimunjawa Islands

Independence Day Carnival

Every year, costumed islanders from across Palau Karimunjawa congregate in the main town to celebrate Independence Day. Tiny tots dress up in police uniforms, beauty queens grace Ramayana-style chariots and young me…
Music in Jakarta

Djakarta Warehouse Project

Running over two days at the Jakarta International Expo Centre, the largest annual festival of electronic dance music in Asia has around 90,000 attendees annually. Previous acts include Roger Sanchez, David Guetta, …
Cultural in Borobudur

Festival of Borobudur

Around June, the colourful Festival of Borobudur features Ramayana-style dance, folk-dancing competitions and handicraft exhibitions, while offering visitors the opportunity for white-water rafting and other activit…
Cultural in Jakarta

Independence Day

Indonesia’s independence is celebrated; the parades in Jakarta are the biggest in the country.
Religious in Gunung Bromo & Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park


The wrath of Bromo is appeased during the annual Kasada festival, when Tenggerese Hindus come to Bromo to make peace with the mountain, and pray for health and good harvests. During this time, local daredevils desce…
Parade in Jakarta

Car Free Day

An initiative to reduce pollution in Indonesia's capital and combat fossil fuel emissions has become a real community event. Five kilometres along Jakarta's main thoroughfares are closed to all private vehicles for …
Cultural in Yogyakarta


There are three Gerebeg festival that occur each year, featuring Java’s most colourful and grand processions. In traditional court dress, palace guards and retainers, not to mention large floats of decorated mountai…
Sports in Jakarta

Mandiri Jakarta Marathon

Around 15,000 people from more than 50 countries take to Jakarta's streets every October to run in four main events: the 42km race, the 21km half marathon, plus 10km and 5km runs. The route ticks off all of Jakarta'…
Religious in Borobudur


The Buddha’s birth, his enlightenment and his reaching of nirvana are all celebrated on the full-moon day of Waisak. A great procession of saffron-robed monks travels from Mendut to Pawon and on to Borobudur, where …
Cultural in Malang

Malang Kembali

Held in late May, Malang Kembali celebrates ludruk, an old-time music-hall tradition that was very popular in Java in the last century. Jl Besar Ijen, home to many wonderful old Dutch villas, is closed to traffic fo…