Cikini Heritage Food Tour

Food, Wine & Nightlife in Jakarta

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As one of the most historically rich areas in Jakarta, Cikini offers millions of fascinating stories to tell. We invite you to endure in an expedition to explore and understand its historical background while observing the exciting rows of old colonial Dutch styled buildings. And most excitingly, you will have a taste of various traditional Indonesian food that has been a part of its culinary heritage in exciting cities such as Yogyakarta, Jakarta, and South Sumatra.
During the dark Dutch colonial days in Indonesia, Cikini was known to be the supporting area for the Menteng residential area. It was built strategically as a commercial location in which restaurants, schools, post offices, and various public markets were deemed to be located in that area by local officials. In this tour, we will discover how a place once considered as a commercial location become such a historic place as it attracts hundreds of visitors annually, and has become one of the most visited areas in the city of Jakarta. We will take you down strolling along the roads of Cikini, and will invite you to discover the historic significance of every building and monument located in this city as we observe the old Dutch colonial buildings still standing and well preserved. Furthermore, we will also invite you to taste its legendary culinary dishes that has been deemed as local favourites at restaurants that has been unchanged for ages.In the morning day, we will bring you to one of the oldest traditional markets in Cikini which was built nearly 55 years ago in 1962. At the market, you will have the chance to taste one of Yogyakarta finest dishes called Nasi Gudeg. Known distinctly by both locals and foreigners by the bold flavours that it holds, this traditional dish has a deep-rooted cultural history for many people here in Yogyakarta. Furthermore, we will bring you to try other authentic foods in Jakarta including the famous Gado-gado and Soto Betawi. Come and have a taste of Jakarta’s most well-known dishes by joining the Cikini Heritage Food Tour.We will also take you to taste the famous Pempek Palembang, South Sumatra’s iconic traditional food here located in Jakarta. The Pempek restaurant is renown to serve the best pempek in the capital city. Have a taste of the pempek’s delicacy yourself by joining the Cikini Heritage Food Tour.Your culinary adventure will end at a traditional coffee shop in Jakarta. Here, you can have a sip of a cup of Indonesian traditional black coffee. Spend your day by coming with us in the Cikini Heritage Food Tour and witness the history and the development of Cikini from the past until today!

What’s included

  • 6-7 types of foods and beverages (small to medium portions that will be more than enough to make you full)
  • 2.5 hours of Indonesian street food culinary exploration
  • Food tasting at 4 places
  • Small group capacity (maximum 8 people per group)
  • Local Foodie Buddy (English speaking)

What’s not included

  • Other entrance fees and expenses such as other meals, drinks, and shopping unless otherwise stated
  • Hotel accommodation in Jakarta
  • Hotel transfer by car
  • Tips and gratuities