• South Lombok Superb white sands and brilliant blue waters perfect for swimming.
  • Bukit Peninsula String of beaches in Bali's south that are famed among surfers and hip young travellers here to laze on the sand.
  • Kei Islands Outlying islands comprising stunning sandy beaches and inviting turquoise sea.
  • Banyak Islands Your quintessential tropical paradise: coconut trees, blinding white sand and gin-clear waters
  • Mentawai Islands More famous for surfing and trekking, but the beaches here are simply sublime.


  • Mentawai Islands West Sumatra's legendary waves are the promised land for surfing pilgrims worldwide
  • Bukit Peninsula Bali's most famous surf spot, known for its big wave, with Ulu Watu at its forefront.
  • G-Land Genuine bucket-list destination for surfers here to carve up its fast left-hander.
  • Pulau Nias Quality barrels at left-hander Keyhole, among hundreds of other perfect breaks.
  • Sumbawa Uncrowded waves and life-changing 10-second barrels, with Supersuck its most famed break.


Diving & Snorkelling

  • Raja Ampat One of Asia's finest for underwater delights, with stunning diversity and an explosion of colours.
  • Pulau Weh Super-chilled dive destination known for its variation and abundance of marine life.
  • Nusa Penida Sun-fish and rays are the main drawcards to this relaxed, nontoursity Balinese island.
  • Gili Islands Indo's most well-established dive scene is notable for its plentiful marine life, and is a popular spot to get certified.
  • Derawan Archipelago Manta rays, pelagic fish and macro dives are what these Kalimantan islands are all about.
  • Komodo Famed for its colourful corals, rays, sharks and drift dives.


  • Baliem Valley World-class trekking among inspiring mountain vistas and traditional tribal villages.
  • Cross-Borneo Trek Kalimantan's flagship trek is regarded as one of Asia's great adventures.
  • Gunung Rinjani Providing it's not off-limits, this five-day trek up this sacred volcano is one of Indonesia's most epic treks.
  • Tana Toraja A fascinating hike among isolated highlands to experience the traditional lifestyle of Toraja people.
  • Kerinci Seblat National Park A full-scale jungle expedition passing through mountainous terrain that's home to Sumatran tigers.
  • Mentawai Islands Making your way through the dense muddy forests of these far-flung islands to meet tattooed hunter-gatherer tribes.