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Half-Day Javanese Wisdom

An introduction to a practical understanding of what is known as the “Kejawen” worldview and philosophy. Kejawen is not strictly a religious affiliation, but more a set of ethical and spiritual values coming from Javanese tradition, based on an understanding of what it means to be a human being and how to interact with nature and the wider universe in a wise manner. We will take you travelling from one site to another, with different activities prepared at each site, such as meditation, purification in a natural hot spring, and pilgrimage. In addition to an expert in Javanese wisdom, you will be accompanied by a local Shaman who will guide you through the authentic rituals, giving you an immersive experience of these ancient cultural practices, unique to the island of Java.Highlights: • Get in touch with local people • Learn from an expert on Javanese culture • Visit some unusual destinations, off the beaten track
6 hours