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However, the rest of the area is also worth exploring, and its sweeping vistas combined with a temperate climate make the plateau a great base for a few days. Threaded with streams and gurgling with hot springs, it's a beautiful, forested alpine area, with rubber and clove groves, cloud-soaked passes and evocative shade-grown coffee plantations. Along with the plantations and their company kampung (villages), there are a few isolated settlements.

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Highlight • Within 12 hours tour to explore Ijen and surrounding  • Trek to the Ijen's summit to see the billowing smoke of sulfur • Experience the enchantment of the greatest acidic lake on earth • All safety equipment is provided on this tour and free charge round trip transport (hotel to hotel, hotel to harbor)What you can expectYour tour begins in the midnight at 12:00 a.m. It depends on where you are staying in (central city is fully recommended). You will be picked up by the team at your hotel or picking point then driving to the Paltuding (Ijen's parking lot). It will take about 1.5 hour driving to reach this place. Then prepare all your belonging that you need to bring e.g warm jacket, scarf, hat, raincoat (if any), shoes and mineral water. The guide will give you a safety equipment before trekking is begun. Then the guide will give you some instructions of what you supposed to do and don't when you are arrive on the top of Ijen. The trek is about 3 km and commonly its reached within 2 hour trekking. The trek is divided into 3 parts; 800 meters is slightly uphill, 1 kilometer uphill bit steep and the last 1.2 kilometer is more flat. Along the way up you will meet some sulfur miners who start on working. Sulfur miners are able to carry heavy back-breaking load of sulfur about 80-100 kilogram.Upon arrival at the summit, your guide will lead you down to the bottom of Ijen crater to see the magic phenomenon of blue fire. Afterwards, heading back to the top of Ijen's rim and enjoy the beauty the sunrise. The sun light breaks the sky around 5:15 a.m. This is good moment for you to explore Ijen plateau, enjoy the view of the lake and sulfur miner activity.At 06:30 a.m going back down to the parking lot for having breakfast or morning coffee/tea break. Around 08:30 leave parking lot for the next tour those are plantation tour and waterfall. You can see any plantation e.g coffee, rubber and clove. Moreover if you are lucky, you can see the local-worker plantation do their activity on harvest season with traditional way and if it is possible you may join them. Next is visiting waterfall. Before heading back to your accommodation or harbor, you will stop by at the waterfall. Enjoy the panorama of waterfall and splashing water on your body along you visit this place.

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