Rupiah (Rp)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than US$25

  • Dorm at a hostel: US$7–10
  • Food and drink at a warung: under US$5
  • Snorkel rental: US$3

Midrange: US$25–100

  • Bungalow with air-con: US$20–60
  • Night out eating and drinking: US$20
  • Massage: US$7–15

Top end: More than US$100

  • Room at top-end hotel or resort: over US$100
  • Fine dining with wine: over US$25
  • Car and driver per day: US$60


When not in malls or high-end boutiques, bargaining forms an important part of the shopping experience. Here are some tips:

  • The first price offered by the seller is only a starting price.
  • Your counter-offer may be anywhere from one-third to two-thirds of the starting price.
  • If you don't like the next offer, walk away – the vendor may go lower.
  • Once you name your final price, and it's accepted, you've committed to a purchase.


ATMs are common throughout Lombok, with the exception of smaller satellite islands (like Gili Gede) and more isolated interior villages. It's generally easy to exchange money. Credit cards are accepted at higher-end establishments.


  • Restaurants Higher-end restaurants, particularly those at hotels, will add a service charge. Elsewhere, tipping isn't expected, though outstanding service might warrant 10%.
  • Taxis Tipping isn't required, though many round up metered fares.
  • Spas Not mandatory, though 5% to 10% is appreciated.
  • Hotels Some midrange and all top-end hotels add 21% to the bill for tax and service.