There's a plethora of opportunities to lend a hand in Bali. Information sources include the Bali Advertiser (, under 'Community Info', and Bali Spirit ( There are also Ubud organisations helping Bali's dogs.

Local Organisations

The following organisations need donations, supplies and often volunteers. Check their websites to see their current status.

Amicorp Community Centre ( This organisation is building a community centre in the village of Les in northeast Bali; tours and programs including culinary classes, permaculture training, Balinese gamelan and dance workshops.

Bali Children's Project ( Funds education and offers English and computer training.

East Bali Poverty Project ( Works to help children in the impoverished mountain villages of east Bali.

Friends of the National Parks Foundation ( Has volunteer programs on Nusa Penida aimed at wildlife conservation.

IDEP ( The Indonesian Development of Education & Permaculture has projects across Indonesia; works on environmental projects, disaster planning and community improvement.

JED Organises highly regarded tours of small villages, some overnight. Often needs volunteers to improve its services and work with the villagers.

ROLE Foundation ( Works to improve well-being and self-reliance in underprivileged Bali communities; has environmental projects.

Smile Foundation of Bali ( Organises surgery to correct facial deformities; operates the Smile Shop in Ubud to raise money.

Yayasan Bumi Sehat ( Operates an internationally recognised clinic and gives reproductive services to disadvantaged women in Ubud; accepts donated time from medical professionals. Founder Robin Lim has had international recognition.

Yayasan Rama Sesana ( Dedicated to improving reproductive health for women across Bali.

YKIP ( Established after the 2002 bombings, it organises and funds health and education projects for Bali's children.