Gapang restaurants

Spanish in Gapang


A part of the Spanish-run Monster Divers dive shop, this relaxed beachside cafe does Catalonian-influenced dishes such as yellowfin-tuna burgers with brava sauce (spicy aioli), escalivada (smoky grilled vegetables) …
Cafe in Gapang

Tipsy Toby Cafe

Sharing space with Bubble Addict is this lively hang-out in Gapang Beach where divers gather in the evenings to socialise over cold beers, bagel burgers, naan pizza, coffee and smoothies. There are weekly barbecues …
Indonesian in Gapang


The lime-green furniture and decking will draw your eye to this breezy alfresco restaurant in the middle of Gapang Beach, but it's the Acehnese seafood curries, fresh food (such as burgers and wraps), smoothies and …
Indonesian in Gapang

Mama Donut

Mama Donut has been a local institution for at least a couple of decades, walking the sand selling delicious vegetable samosas, doughnuts and fried bananas to divers. On her days off, Daughter Donut takes over.