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Mirador by Air

This is a one day private and optimized tour service to Mirador. The site is located about 48 miles away from Flores island in the northernmost distric of Guatemala, Peten. Now you have acces to it by the best way, helicopter.  Mirador is known to be one of the most ancient Mayan setlements in Guatemala, showing architecture remains dating from the earliest period of the Mayan history (BC2000-AD200) Within its piramids Mirador has the largest man-made construction of the ancient civilized world. Time ago the site was accessible only by trekking five days in total, nevertheless people who got to visit the site since decades ago showed always speechless once being there enjoying of sightseeing throughout the amazing wild nature of San Pedro water basin forest and climbing such massive piramids. 
8 hours
Outdoor Activities


Knowing the surroundings of the Island of Flores; Flores Island is located in Peten one hour south of Tikal. It is surrounded by the third biggest lake in Guatemala, Lake Peten Itza. The picturesque town of Flores offers you the chance to enjoy stunning landscapes, cultural activities, plus, it is the gateway to most of the archaeological Mayan parks around the area. followed by a Boat trip to San Miguel, the tour also includes a climb to the King Kanek lookout, you will also experience a visit Petencito Zoo, also our guide will take you trough the  history of the ancient Mayan city of Tayasal and a nice tour.
2 hours
Outdoor Activities


Our Tour will start in Flores Petén, towards Sayaxche, the tour include a ride by boat to The Pasión River ,  the river is located in the northern lowlands region of Guatemala.  A unique experience with the Nature! The tour includes a visit to the Ceibal Archeological site, where you will presence a large amount of Ceibas in the area, the tour will take you to the pyramidal temple (structure A-3) where are placed 5 steles placed according to the cardinal points. The main attractive is the stelae, these are one of the main attractions, since they are among the finest and best preserved of the late classic period in the Mayan world. Experience Nature and Archeology!
9 hours
Outdoor Activities


Our Tour will drive you  to Petexbatún Lagoon; is a small lake formed by a river of the same name, which is a tributary of the  La Pasion river. It is near Sayaxché,in the small villages of Tamarindo and Tamarindito; A boat tour trough Petexbatun's calm and clear waters,  In Aguateca you will experience a walk into a Maya site located in northern Guatemala's Petexbatun Basin,  Its center consisted on the Palace Group, which was probably a royal residential compound, and a Main Plaza.  The center was occupied from about 200 B.C. until about 800 A.D., when the city was attacked and ransacked.
9 hours
Day Trips & Excursions


In the area of the Peten we find several points of great interest for bird watching, finding more than 300 endemic and migratory species. Together with our specialized guide you can make a unforgetable bird watching tour, among the Jungle of the Archeological Park of Tikal, Petén.
4 hours
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Tikal day tour

Tikal is located in the archaeological region of the Petén Basin in Northern Guatemala. This tour will take you to this majestic Archeological Park and together with a certified and bilingual guide you will explore its fascinating history.
7 hours