Top Choice Performing Arts in Denpasar

Bali Arts Festival

This annual festival, based at the Taman Wedhi Budaya arts centre, is an easy way to see a wide variety of traditional dance, music and crafts. The productions of the Ramayana and Mahabharata ballets are grand, and …
Top Choice Literature in Ubud

Ubud Writers & Readers Festival

Brings together scores of writers and readers from around the world in a five-day celebration of writing – especially writing that touches on Bali. A major event on the Ubud calendar.
Top Choice Cultural in Jakarta

Independence Day

Indonesia’s independence is celebrated; the parades in Jakarta are the biggest in the country.
Cultural in Kuta

Nyale Festival

On the 19th day of the 10th month in the Sasak calendar (generally February or March), hundreds of Sasaks gather on the beach at Kuta, Lombok for a local version of poetry and big ceremonies and feasts involving the…
Dance in Ubud

Bali Spirit Festival

A popular yoga, dance and music festival from the people behind the Yoga Barn, a local yoga hub. There are hundreds of workshops and concerts, plus a market and more.
Cultural in Padang

Pesta Budaya Tabuik

A West Sumatran cultural calendar highlight is Pesta Budaya Tabuik (derived from the Islamic festival of Tabut), which is held in Pariaman, 36km north of Padang. It takes place at the beginning of the month of Muhar…
Sports in Bukittinggi

Oxen Racing

Local farmer-jockeys race twin oxen through a muddy paddy field, balancing precariously on the wooden runners. This spectacle, which animal-welfare experts claim uses inhumane tactics to make the beasts run, takes p…
Cultural in Yogyakarta


Three Gerebeg festivals are Java’s most colourful and grand processions. In traditional court dress, palace guards and retainers, not to mention large floats of decorated mountains of rice, all make their way to the…
Cultural in Lombok

Gendang Beleq

These 'big drum' performances were originally performed before battles. Today, many villages in central Lombok have a gendang battery, some with up to 40 drummers, who perform at festivals and ceremonies. The drums …
Cultural in Danau Toba

Harvest Festival

Taking place in Sianjur Mula Mula village, at the foot of the Bataks’ Holy Mountain, this harvest festival incorporates traditional singing and dancing, as well as the symbolic planting of the Tree of Life and the s…