East Java drinking and nightlife

Cafe in Malang

Ben House

A key hangout for young hipsters, this brickhouse cafe has a great feel. The downstairs interior is decorated with low-rise wood tables and bench seating, funky vintage bicycles and musical instruments. The chalkboa…
Rooftop Bar in Surabaya

Loveshack Skybar

On the top floor of the designer MaxOne hotel is this cool rooftop bar that's the perfect spot to enjoy a balmy evening with a cold drink in hand. There's live music most nights and a menu of international and Indon…
Pub in Surabaya


Popular with all, this large upmarket pub-club, which has been going for years, has live music and a DJ every night. There's a full bar, but drinks are expensive. It doesn't get going until after 9pm.
Coffee in Malang

Legi Pait

A popular hangout for the young and cool of Malang is this corner cafe with stained-wood furnishings. It serves a wide range of local coffees and infusions, juices and meals to an indie soundtrack.