Religious in Gunung Bromo & Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park


The wrath of Bromo is appeased during the annual Kasada festival, when Tenggerese Hindus come to Bromo to make peace with the mountain, and pray for health and good harvests. During this time, local daredevils desce…
Cultural in Malang

Malang Kembali

Held in late May, Malang Kembali celebrates ludruk, an old-time music-hall tradition that was very popular in Java in the last century. Jl Besar Ijen, home to many wonderful old Dutch villas, is closed to traffic fo…
Cultural in Banyuwangi

Banyuwangyi Festival

The Banyuwangyi Festival is a two-month series of music, arts, culture and sporting events organised by the stellar tourist office, and is held on weekends in August and September. The Jazz Festival is one such even…
Sports in Banyuwangi

Tabuhan Island Pro

The magnificent kite-surf contest is normally held on Tabuhan Island in late August, but in 2018 the contest didn't take place. Check back in 2019 to see if it's on again.