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Wings Air operates daily flights from Pekanbaru to Dumai (30 minutes, 420,000Rp).


To Malaysia

If you’re fresh from Malaysia, the port area will seem like a bit of a scrum.

From Dumai several ferry companies operate services to three different ports in Malaysia: Melaka, Port Klang and Port Dickson. Note you'll need to pay an 50,000Rp departure tax in Dumai, while those arriving at Port Klang will need to pay the RM23 arrival tax.

You can buy tickets through Indomal Express for the following destinations:

Melaka (adult/child 320,000/160,000Rp, 2½ hours) Daily departures at 9.30am.

Port Klang (adult/child 350,000/175,000Rp, four hours) Three boats a week departing at noon on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Port Dickson (adult/child 330,000/125,000Rp, three hours) Leaving at 11am on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

To Pulau Batam

Dumai Express has a daily boat to Sekupang port on Pulau Batam (400,000Rp, seven hours), departing at 6am.


Buses connect Dumai to Bukittinggi (125,000Rp to 240,000Rp, 10 hours).There are regular buses from Dumai to Pekanbaru (80,000Rp, five hours), or more convenient express minibuses with Karya Maju Travel (from 120,000Rp).

If you’re travelling from Bukittinggi, Bukittinggi Wisata Express has a nightly minibus (nine hours) linking with morning ferry departures from Dumai.

Border Crossings

Getting to Malaysia: Dumai to Melaka

Getting to the border Dumai is a busy and charmless port on Sumatra's north coast. Bus services to Dumai include those from Bukittinggi (from 125,000Rp, 10 hours) and Padang (180,000Rp, 13 hours, frequent). High-speed ferries make the trip daily from Dumai to Melaka, Malaysia (one way about 380,000Rp, 1¾ hours).

At the border Nationals of most countries are given a 30- or 60-day visa on arrival, depending on the expected length of stay.

Moving on Melaka is a large and popular city with connections to the rest of Malaysia.