The temples and the main natural sights can easily be visited in one day on foot. An early start, before the afternoon mists roll in, is worthwhile as the waters of Telaga Warna (Coloured Lake) are most striking in sunlight.

A pleasant three- or four-hour walk begins at the Arjuna Complex, near to Dieng village, and loops along the road to Candi Bima, Kawah Sikidang (Crater) and Telaga Warna. The latter can be circumnavigated or viewed from the nearby hilltop before returning to the village.

Pandering to the local obsession with selfie photographs, it can at times feel as if the whole plateau is being exploited as a stage set for photo opportunities. This means that many of the natural sights are now littered with swings and giant lettering, heart-shaped selfie frames and other tourist paraphernalia. While this has some cultural interest, it may disappoint those going in search of wild nature. Ubiquitous litter is a further issue.