Museum in Dieng Plateau

Museum Kailasa Dieng

Southwest of the Arjuna Complex, this museum, set in two separate buildings, displays an array of Hindu statues and sculptures including Shiva’s carrier, Nandi the bull (with the body of a man and the head of a bull…
Lake in Dieng Plateau

Telaga Warna

Exquisitely beautiful and ringed by highland forest, the lake has turquoise and cobalt hues from the bubbling sulphur deposits around its shores. To lose the crowds, follow the trail counterclockwise to the adjoinin…
Hindu Temple in Dieng Plateau

Arjuna Complex

The five main temples that form the Arjuna Complex are clustered together on the central plain. They are Shiva temples, but like the other Dieng temples they have been named after the heroes of the wayang stories of…
Viewpoint in Dieng Plateau

Gunung Sikunir

South of Dieng village, the main attractions are the sunrise overlook of Gunung Sikunir, 1km past Sembungan, and the shallow lake of Telaga Cebong. Views from Sikunir are spectacular, stretching across Dieng and eas…
Lake in Dieng Plateau

Kawah Sikidang

Kawah Sikidang is a volcanic crater with steaming vents and frantically bubbling mud ponds. Exercise extreme caution here – there are no guard rails to keep you from slipping off the sometimes-muddy trails into the …
Lake in Dieng Plateau

Kawah Candradimuka

Nine kilometres from Dieng village is the pleasant 1.5km trail to Kawah Candradimuka through the fields. Another trail branches off to two lakes: Telaga Nila (a longer, two-hour walk) and Telaga Dringo. Just a few h…
Village in Dieng Plateau


South of the geothermal station, the paved road leads on to Sembungan, said to be the highest village in Java, at 2300m. Potato farming has made this large village relatively wealthy.
Hindu Temple in Dieng Plateau

Candi Bima

Candi Bima is unique in Java, with kudu (sculpted heads) looking like spectators peering out of windows.
Lake in Dieng Plateau

Kawah Sileri

Kawah Sileri, 2km off the main road and 6km from Dieng, is a smoking crater area with a hot lake.
Hindu Temple in Dieng Plateau

Candi Dwarawati

The restored Candi Dwarawati is on the northern outskirts of the village.