Top Choice Market in Denpasar

Pasar Badung

Bali’s largest food market is busy in the mornings and evenings; it’s a great place to browse and bargain. You’ll find produce and food from all over the island. Allow yourself to get lost here and revel in the rang…
Top Choice Textiles in Denpasar

Jepun Bali

It's like your own private version of the Museum Negeri Propinsi Bali: Gusti Ayu Made Mardiani is locally famous for her endek and songket clothes woven using traditional techniques. You can visit her gracious home …
Mall in Denpasar

Mal Bali

This hive of consumerism has the Ramayana Department Store, Bali's largest. Also a big supermarket, food court and many clothing shops.
Market in Denpasar

Pasar Kumbasari

Handicrafts, a plethora of vibrant fabrics and costumes decorated with gold are just some of the goods at this huge market across the river from Pasar Badung. Note that the malls have taken their toll and there are …
Sports & Outdoors in Denpasar

Planet Bike Bali

Textiles in Denpasar


Jammed into a string of fabric stores just east of Pasar Badung, this narrow shop stands out for its huge selection of genuine Balinese batik. The colours and patterns are bewildering, while the clearly marked reaso…
Market in Denpasar

Kampung Arab

Has jewellery and precious-metal stores run by scores of Middle Eastern and Indian merchants.
Mall in Denpasar


Main branch of the department store plus numerous other shops.
Market in Denpasar

Pasar Burung

Elsewhere in Denpasar, a short distance north on Jl Veteran, Pasar Burung is a bird market with hundreds of caged birds and small animals for sale, including guinea pigs, rabbits and monkeys. There are also gaudy bi…
Mall in Denpasar


Matahari's arch-competitor has a large selection of midrange goods.