Denpasar restaurants

Top Choice Indonesian in Denpasar

Depot Cak Asmo

Join the government workers and students from the nearby university for superb dishes cooked to order in the bustling kitchen. Order the buttery and crispy cumi cumi (calamari) battered in telor asin (a heavenly mix…
Top Choice Balinese in Denpasar

Men Gabrug

A favourite sweet treat for Balinese of all ages is jaje laklak – disks of rice flour cooked in an open-air cast-iron pan and redolent of coconut. One of the best places to get them is at this family-run outlet wher…
Indonesian in Denpasar

Warung Lembongan

Silver folding chairs at long tables are shaded by a garish green awning out front. These are details you will quickly forget after you have the house speciality: chicken lightly fried yet delicately crispy like the…
Indonesian in Denpasar

Pondok Kuring

The foods of the Sundanese people of west Java are the speciality here. Highly spiced vegetables, meat and seafood draw flavours from an array of herbs. Deceptively simple, the lalapan is excellent. This glossy rest…
Indonesian in Denpasar

Nasi Uduk Kebon Kacang

Open to the street, this spotless cafe serves up Javanese treats such as nasi uduk (sweetly scented coconut rice with fresh peanut sauce) and lalapan (a simple salad of fresh lemon basil leaves). Chicken dishes win …
Balinese in Denpasar

Bakso Supra Dinasty

One taste of the soup assembled to order out of the steaming vats at this small stall and you'll agree that the name (translated: Meatball Super Dynasty) is fully deserved. The broth is rich and the meatballs are fi…
Indonesian in Denpasar

Ayam Goreng Kalasan

The name here says it all: fried chicken (ayam goreng) named for a Javanese temple (Kalasan) in a region renowned for its fiery, crispy chicken. Note the hint of lemongrass imbued by a long marination before cooking…
Indonesian in Denpasar

Warung Wardani

Don't be deceived by the small dining room at the entrance: there's another vastly larger one out the back. The top-notch nasi campur (rice with side dishes) draws in the masses for lunch daily.
Balinese in Denpasar

Warung Bundaran Renon

A slightly upscale babi guling (spit-roast pig) place with excellent plate lunches of same. It feels a bit like a suburban house and there's a shady patio.
Market in Denpasar

Pasar Malam Kereneng

Dozens of vendors dish up food until dawn at this excellent night market.