Top things to do

Top Choice Indonesian in Danau Maninjau

Waterfront Zalino

A great lakeside location showcases some exotic local specialities such as dendeng kijang balado (fried deer with chilli and red pepper), udang (freshwater lake shrimp) and grilled catfish. Zal – AKA ‘Mr Porcupine’ …
Cafe in Danau Maninjau

Bagoes Cafe

This traveller favourite Beach House in Maninjau village, combines backpacker staples with local dishes such as vegetable gado gado, mie goreng and lake fish. The lakeside deck is a fine place for an ice-cold Bintan…
Cultural in Danau Maninjau

Rakik Rakik

Rakik Rakik is celebrated on the night before Idul Fitri (the end of Ramadan) when a platform is built to hold a replica Minangkabau house and mosque. The offering is then floated out on to the lake on canoes, accom…
Hot Springs in Danau Maninjau

Mata Air Panas

Small hot springs just off the main lake road.