Top Choice Pizza in Palu

Maestro Pizza

Contemporary and clean, this is the place to come when you can't eat another grilled fish. The decor is more polished than the pizza, but we've yet to go home disappointed.
Seafood in Ampana

Warung Pangkep

We've repeatedly been told this place serves the best fish in town. We've repeatedly tried to find fault with that claim – but failed. Repeatedly. Fish are cooked to perfection on the grill in front of this airy fav…
Seafood in Poso

RM Raja Mujair

If it's mujair you want (it is), look no further. Choose your live talapia to be grilled, fried, or boiled in a bowl of vegetables. Chicken and shrimp are also available – but those are already dead. The coconutty s…
Seafood in Tentena

Ongga Bale

A large, well-organised restaurant on the main strip with tables on the riverbank. Pick a fish from the pools, choose a sauce, order a beer, and you're set. A large ikan bakar (grilled fish) will set you back around…
Indonesian in Palu

Kaledo Stereo

This is perhaps the city's most famous kaledo restaurant, a bustling place where its spicy beef soup – a festival of cholesterol – is served in a bowl with a giant Fred Flintstone–style bone to chew on.
Seafood in Luwuk

RM Surabaya

Hands down the most dependable fish restaurant in town, RM Surabaya is constantly busy and has a high rate of throughput. Select your fresh fish and have it grilled drenched in spicy sambal – or not, up to you.
Indonesian in Tentena

Rumah Makan Anuta Pura

For local specialities sugili (eel) and ikan mas (large goldfish), as well as spicy bat dishes, pull up a chair at one of the riverside rumah makan at the market near the bridge; our favourite is Rumah Makan Anuta P…
Food Hall in Palu

Mall Tatura Palu

This mall has a decent food court on the top level, as well as a few upmarket restaurants, cafes and a supermarket.