Central Sulawesi attractions

Top Choice Archaeological Site in Lore Lindu National Park

Bada Valley

Seemingly scattered haphazardly around the hills near Lore Lindu National Park are some 400 ancient stone megaliths of unknown origin that might be over 5000 years old. A fine assortment of these can be found – with…
Top Choice National Park in Togean Islands

Taman Nasional Kepulaun Togean

Togean Islands National Park was gazetted in 2004, and in 2017 was declared a tourism area of national significance. The park encompasses 3400 sq km of ocean and 250 sq km of land, and contains several of Indonesia'…
Archaeological Site in Lore Lindu National Park

Behoa Valley

The valley around Bariri village is littered with megalithic objects, including statues of human forms as well as massive kalamba (stone pots) and tutu'na (stone lids). The region is alternately called Behoa or Beso…
Waterfall in Tentena

Air Terjun Saluopa

If you have wheels you can visit this impressive, powerful waterfall that drops in stages through rainforest, 15km west of Tentena. The falls are a spectacular place for a swim, and you can hike through the jungle a…
Museum in Palu

Museum Sulawesi Tengah

This exceptionally good museum for Indonesia has cultural artefacts from the area's indigenous peoples. Unfortunately only half the signs are in English, but there are extremely informative English-speaking attendan…
Waterfall in Luwuk

Air Terjun Piala & Laumarang

Two impressive waterfalls up the canyon northwest of Luwuk make a fine afternoon excursion. Piala requires ducking under a fence at the aqueduct which may not appeal to some, but the government is actively improving…
Area in Tentena

Eel Traps

Tentena’s pretty covered 210m bridge marks where Danau Poso (Lake Poso) ends and Sungai Poso (Poso River) begins its journey to the coast. V-shaped eel traps north of the bridge snare the 2m monsters for which Tente…
Lake in Pulau Togean

Jellyfish Lake

Fascinating freaks of evolution, the jellyfish that have long floated in this lake with no predators have gradually lost their ability to sting, making for a truly surreal swimming experience.
Natural Feature in Ampana

Tanjung Api

The 42-sq-km Tanjung Api (Fire Cape) is home to anoa (pygmy buffalo), babi rusa (wild deer-like pigs), crocodiles, snakes and maleo birds, but most people come to see the burning coral cliff fuelled by a leak of nat…
Area in Lore Lindu National Park

Napu Valley

Several homestays in Napu Valley make it a good base of operation for exploring the eastern side of Lore Lindu. A handful of megaliths in nearby villages are accessible by paved road.