Central Kalimantan attractions

Wildlife in Tanjung Puting National Park

Orang-utan Feedings

Orang-utan feedings at Tanjung Puting National Park are part of an ongoing rehabilitation process, but also allow visitors a near-guaranteed opportunity to see the great apes in semi-wild surroundings. Feedings take…
Wildlife Reserve in Palangka Raya

Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation

The centre is typically closed to visitors to increase the rehabilitation success of its 600-or-so orang-utans. The tiny visitor centre opens on the weekends; you can see a few caged animals through its large window…
Palace in Pangkalan Bun

Istana Kuning

The mostly empty wooden hilltop palace overlooking Pangkalan Bun Park celebrates three architectural traditions of the sultans' assorted wives: Chinese, Dayak and Malay. Built in 1806 (and rebuilt in 1990 after a de…
Museum in Palangka Raya

Museum Balanga

An excellent museum on two levels introducing just enough Dayak ritual, custom and livelihood to inspire you to head into the forest in search of the real thing. There are some fine scale-model Dayak houses upstairs…
Palace in Pangkalan Bun

Istana Pangeran Mangkubumi

Built to house a sultan's seven daughters, this original, rambling wooden compound fights against gravity among well-kept gardens.
Market in Palangka Raya

Pasar Malam

The food stalls around Jl Halmahera and Jl Jawa run all day, but the maze of shops here comes alive at night.