Cultural in Yogyakarta


Three Gerebeg festivals are Java’s most colourful and grand processions. In traditional court dress, palace guards and retainers, not to mention large floats of decorated mountains of rice, all make their way to the…
Art in Yogyakarta

Jogja Art Weeks

Another example of why Yogya is one of the hippest cities in Asia is this month-long arts festival featuring hundreds of events hosted in galleries and art spaces around the city. Expect art shows, music performance…
Art in Yogyakarta

Jogja Art Festival

This annual festival, held for two weeks in July/August, features a wide range of shows and exhibitions. Most events are held at the city's old Dutch fort, Benteng Vredeburg.
Cultural in Solo

Kirab Pusaka

Since 1633, these colourful processions have been held on the first day of the Javanese month of Suro (between March and May). They start at Istana Mangkunegaran in the early evening and continue late into the night…
Religious in Borobudur


The Buddha’s birth, his enlightenment and his reaching of nirvana are all celebrated on the full-moon day of Waisak when a great procession of saffron-robed monks travels from Mendut to Pawon then Borobudur, where c…
Religious in Solo


This festival marks the Prophet Muhammed's birthday and is held between May and July. It comprises two ceremonies with a week in between, culminating with a fair held on the alun-alun and the sharing of a rice mount…
Cultural in Borobudur

Festival of Borobudur

Around June, the Festival of Borobudur kicks off with a Ramayana-style dance, and goes on to feature folk-dancing competitions, handicrafts, white-water rafting and other activities.
Cultural in Solo

Solo Batik Carnival

Annual carnival in late June with processions, fashion shows and performances in the R Maladi stadium.