Top things to do

Viewpoint in Bukittinggi

Taman Panorama

Taman Panorama, on the southern edge of town, overlooks the deep Ngarai Sianok (Sianok Canyon), where fruit bats swoop at sunset. Friendly guides will approach visitors to lead you through Gua Jepang, wartime defens…
Sports in Bukittinggi

Oxen Racing

Local farmer-jockeys race twin oxen through a muddy paddy field, balancing precariously on the wooden runners. This spectacle, which animal-welfare experts claim uses inhumane tactics to make the beasts run, takes p…
Arts & Crafts in Bukittinggi

Makmur Arts

An extensive collection of antiques, including Minangkabau brass salapah panjang (long boxes) used for storing lime and tobacco, silver salapah padusi for betel nut and lime, brass gongs, kerises (ceremonial daggers…
Indonesian in Bukittinggi

Waroeng Jalal Spesifik Sambal

Fans of spicy dishes will love this shady garden warung specialising mostly in sambal dishes. Squid, prawns, chicken, tofu, tempeh and aubergine are all cooked in a rich, fiery chilli sauce, with kangkung (water spi…
Cafe in Bukittinggi

Bedudal Cafe

Make yourself comfortable amid the wooden carvings and pop-culture posters and order from an extensive menu of pizza, calzone, pasta, soups and whole roast chicken (250,000Rp, order in advance). Youthful staff break…
Sports in Bukittinggi

Horse Racing

Bukittinggi holds an annual horse race at Bukit Ambacang in early March. Horses are ridden bareback and jockeys wear regional costumes, vying to win kudos for their village, and something else for the onlookers’ wal…
International in Bukittinggi

De Kock Cafe

De Kock (cannon, in case you’re wondering) serves a fine mixture of Western and Indonesian dishes in arty, stone-walled surroundings. Baked potatoes, steak and pizza are some of the comfort-food offerings, along wit…
Viewpoint in Bukittinggi

Benteng de Kock

Benteng de Kock was built by the Dutch during the Padri Wars. There’s not much to it apart from nice gardens and fine views over the town. The adjacent zoo is terrible (animals are underfed and live in cramped condi…
Cafe in Bukittinggi

Turret Cafe

This Bukittinggi standby offers a smattering of Western dishes with the odd inclusion of mie goreng (fried noodles), beef rendang and green curry, cold beer and the best guacamole in town.
Dance in Bukittinggi

Gedung Medan Nan Balinduang

Medan Nan Balinduang presents one-hour Minangkabau dance performances. It's usually at night but check with your lodgings for the latest schedule.