Top things to do in Bukittinggi

Indonesian in Bukittinggi

RM Selamat

Padang food in West Sumatra rarely disappoints, and this cafeteria-style restaurant is famous for its authentic smoky beef rendang, among its assortment of delicious dishes to choose from.
Arts Centre in Bukittinggi

PT Studio Songket Palantaloom

Handicraft and textile fans should not miss this place near Simpang Bukit Batabuah, 7km southeast of Bukittinggi. Dedicated to revitalising the traditional Minangkabau art of weaving songket (silver- or gold-threade…
Nature Reserve in Bukittinggi

Batang Palupuh Nature Reserve

This reserve, 16km north of Bukittinggi, is home to many orchid species, as well as the massive Rafflesia arnoldii and Amorphophallus titanum, the largest flowers on the planet – the latter endemic to Sumatra. The r…
Plantation in Bukittinggi

House of Rafflesia Luwak Coffee

At this plantation in Batang Palupuh, friendly owner Umul Khairi is happy to explain the process of harvesting, drying and roasting kopi luwak – a smooth, earthy brew produced from coffee beans ingested and excreted…
Volcano in Bukittinggi

Gunung Singgalang

Climbing dormant Gunung Singgalang (2877m) is a more adventurous undertaking than Gunung Merapi. Highly recommended English-speaking guide Dedi (0813 7425 1312), based in Pandai Sikat – the best starting point for t…
Volcano in Bukittinggi

Gunung Marapi

The smouldering summit of Gunung Merapi (2891m), one of Sumatra’s most active volcanoes, looms large over Bukittinggi around 16km to the east. If Merapi is benign, then visitors typically hike overnight to view sunr…
Viewpoint in Bukittinggi

Benteng de Kock

Benteng de Kock was built by the Dutch during the Padri Wars. Other than a few cannons and ramparts, there’s not much to it now apart from the nice gardens and fine views over town. The entrance is down a fairly dis…
Cave in Bukittinggi

Gua Jepang

This extensive network of underground WWII Japanese bunkers built into a cliff face stretches for nearly 1.5km. It was built by local forced labour in 1942, and exploring its tunnels (used as living quarters, prison…
Viewpoint in Bukittinggi

Taman Panorama

Taman Panorama, on the southern edge of Bukittinggi, overlooks the deep Ngarai Sianok (Sianok Canyon), where fruit bats swoop at sunset. Friendly guides will approach visitors to lead you through Gua Jepang, wartime…
Village in Bukittinggi

Koto Gadang

Silversmiths occupy several old Dutch houses in Koto Gadang, 5km from Bukittinggi. Catch a westbound angkot (3000Rp) or take an hour’s walk from Taman Panorama's Great Wall of China replica. Silver Work (Jl Sawahan …