Indonesian in Bukittinggi

Waroeng Jalal Spesifik Sambal

Fans of spicy dishes will love this shady garden warung specialising mostly in sambal dishes. Squid, prawns, chicken, tofu, tempeh and aubergine are all cooked in a rich, fiery chilli sauce, with kangkung (water spi…
Market in Bukittinggi

Ramadan Market

During the month of Ramadan, this car park turns into a whirlwind of culinary activity as dozens of stalls press sugar-cane juice, cook up rendang, concoct elaborate desserts and deep-fry all sorts of artery-cloggin…
Cafe in Bukittinggi

Bedudal Cafe

Make yourself comfortable amid the wooden carvings and posters of the Doors and order from an extensive menu of pizza, calzone, pasta, soups and whole roast chicken (250,000Rp, order in advance). The waiters break o…
International in Bukittinggi

De Kock Cafe

Under the same management as Bedudal Cafe, and with exactly the same menu, De Kock (cannon, in case you’re wondering) serves a delicious mixture of Western and Indonesian dishes in arty, stone-walled surroundings. O…
Seafood in Bukittinggi


Slightly more low key than its sister establishment in Padang (less neon!), Nelayan really delivers when it comes to sweet-and-sour squid, black pepper crab and other seafood delights. Portions are big enough to fee…
Indonesian in Bukittinggi

Simpang Raya

The best place in town to sample the fabled Padang cuisine – spicy, flavourful dishes, with a particularly savoury rendang (beef coconut curry). Just ask for the assortment of what’s on offer.
Cafe in Bukittinggi

Turret Cafe

A smattering of Western dishes with the odd inclusion of mie goreng (fried noodles) and green curry, cold beer, and the best guacamole in town. Prepare for a leisurely meal.