Bukittinggi restaurants

Indonesian in Bukittinggi

RM Selamat

Padang food in West Sumatra rarely disappoints, and this cafeteria-style restaurant is famous for its authentic smoky beef rendang, among its assortment of delicious dishes to choose from.
Pub Food in Bukittinggi

De Kock Cafe

De Kock (which translates to 'cannon', in case you’re wondering) has a smoky salon atmosphere that's popular with both locals and tourists who come here for beers and a mixture of Western pub food (pizzas, steak san…
Indonesian in Bukittinggi

Gulai Itiak Lado Mudo Ngarai

This simple restaurant is a good place to sample delicious itiak lado mudo (duck in green chilli), a regional specialty. It's in a valley area near to the river a couple of kilometres west of Bukittinggi on the road…
Indonesian in Bukittinggi

Simpang Raya

Simpang Raya is a very reliable choice for sampling famous Padang cuisine (and there are several branches in town). The usual array of spicy, flavourful dishes is on display, with a particularly savoury rendang (bee…
Cafe in Bukittinggi

Turret Cafe

This old-school Bukittinggi traveller haunt offers a smattering of Western dishes with the odd inclusion of mie goreng (fried noodles), beef rendang, green curry, cold beer and the best guacamole in town.
Chinese in Bukittinggi

Mona Lisa

This fairly humble street-side Chinese restaurant gets good reviews for its chicken wonton soup and stir-fry dishes, which go well with cold beer.
Market in Bukittinggi

Ramadan Market

During the month of Ramadan, this car park turns into a whirlwind of culinary activity as dozens of stalls press sugar-cane juice, cook up rendang, concoct elaborate desserts and deep-fry all sorts of artery-cloggin…