Top Choice Hindu Temple in Ulu Watu

Pura Luhur Ulu Watu

This important temple is perched precipitously on the southwestern tip of the peninsula, atop sheer cliffs that drop straight into the ceaseless surf. You enter through an unusual arched gateway flanked by statues o…
Top Choice Market in Jimbaran

Jimbaran Fish Market

A popular morning stop on a Bukit Peninsula amble, this fish market is smelly, lively and frenetic – watch where you step. Brightly painted boats bob along the shore while huge cases of everything from small sardine…
Top Choice Museum in Nusa Dua

Pasifika Museum

When groups from nearby resorts aren’t around, you’ll probably have this large museum to yourself. A collection of art from Pacific Ocean cultures spans several centuries and includes more than 600 paintings (don't …
Top Choice Beach in Jimbaran

Jimbaran Beach

One of Bali’s best beaches, Jimbaran’s 4km-long arc of sand is mostly clean and there is no shortage of places to get a snack, drink or seafood dinner, or to rent a sunlounger. The bay is protected by an unbroken co…
Beach in Ungasan

Green Bowl Beach

One of the Bukit's southern-facing cove beaches, Green Bowl is reached by a pretty and strenuous walk down 300 concrete steps that begin near the Pura Batu Pageh temple and the failed Bali Cliff Resort. This splotch…
Beach in Padang Padang

Padang Padang Beach

Slight in size but not in perfection, this little cove is near the main Ulu Watu road where a stream flows into the sea. Parking is easy and it is a short walk to the beach, though you'll be hit up for parking and a…
Beach in Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach

A long, low strand at the base of rocky cliffs. It's covered with palm trees and fronted by a ribbon of near-white sand, picturesquely dotted with sun umbrellas.
Beach in Jimbaran

Tegalwangi Beach

Folding around limestone bluffs some 4.5km southwest of Jimbaran, Tegalwangi is the first of cove after cove holding patches of alluring sand all down the west coast of the peninsula. A small parking area lies in fr…
Hindu Temple in Ungasan

Pura Mas Suka

This diminutive temple (one of seven devoted to the sea gods) is reached by a twisting narrow road through a mostly barren red-rock landscape that changes dramatically when you reach the Karma Kandara resort, which …
Hindu Temple in Nusa Dua

Pura Gegar

Just south of Gegar Beach is a bluff with a good cafe and a path that leads up to Pura Gegar, a compact temple shaded by gnarled old trees. Views are great and you can spot swimmers who’ve come south in the shallow,…