Top Choice Gardens in Bogor

Kebun Raya

At the heart of Bogor are the fabulous botanical gardens, known as the Kebun Raya, the city’s green lung of around 87 hectares. Governor General Raffles first developed a garden here, but the spacious grounds of the…
Market in Bogor

Pasar Baru

Jl Suryakencana, steps from the garden gates, is a whirlwind of activity as shoppers spill en masse from within the byzantine concrete halls of Pasar Baru onto the street. Inside, the morning market is awash with al…
Gate in Bogor

Kebun Raya Main Entrance

Kebun Raya main entrance.
Historic Building in Bogor

Istana Bogor

In the northwestern corner of the botanical gardens, the summer palace of the president was formerly the opulent official residence of the Dutch governors general from 1870 to 1942. Today, herds of white-spotted dee…
Shrine in Bogor


The Batutulis is an inscribed stone dedicated to Sri Baduga Maharaja (1482–1521), a Pajajaran king credited with great mystical power. The stone is housed in a small shrine visited by pilgrims – remove your shoes an…
Factory in Bogor

Gong Workshop

Home industry at its finest, this is one of the few remaining gongsmiths in Java, where you can see gamelan instruments smelted over a charcoal fire by hand. A few pricey gongs and wayang golek puppets are on sale.
Gate in Bogor


Kebun Raya east entrance.
Gate in Bogor


Kebun Raya west entrance.