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Top Choice Cafe in Bingin

Cashew Tree

The place to hang out in Bingin. Surfers and beachgoers gather in this large garden for tasty vegetarian meals. Expect the likes of burritos, salads, sandwiches and smoothies – it's also a good spot for a drink. Thu…
Fashion & Accessories in Bingin


Right at the turn to Bingin, this outlet of the awesome Seminyak surf shop is also a small cafe (mains from 55,000Rp) and gallery. All the Drifter surf goods are on offer, plus you can settle back at a table for som…
Beach in Bingin

Bingin Beach

One of Bukit's classic surf breaks, Bingin is also famous as a beach hang-out with spectacular views. You reach the beach down a long set of stairs from the bluff.