Berastagi restaurants

Indonesian in Berastagi

BPK Rumah Gerga

A good place to sample local Karo cuisine is this shack restaurant with wood-crate-panelled walls decorated in murals. The specialty here is BPK (babi panggang Karo) – a delicious assortment of dishes comprising cha…
International in Berastagi

Sibayak Cafe

Next to Losmen Sibayak Guesthouse, this bright, modern, open-fronted place is where a youthful crowd meets for pizza and smoothies or ice-cold Bintangs. It also does jaffles, sandwiches and mie goreng (fried noodles…
Chinese in Berastagi

Rumah Makan Eropah

Feast on pork-belly soup, pork with green chilli, sweet and sour fish, fresh vegetables or a host of noodle and rice dishes at this welcoming Chinese place. Cold beer is available.
Market in Berastagi

Produce Market

Berastagi's tourist-oriented fruit and veg market features souvenir stalls and horse rides along with the produce stalls. Passionfruit is a local specialty, as are the marquisa Bandung (a large, sweet, yellow-skinne…
International in Berastagi

Café Raymond

Berastagi’s local bohemians hang out at tiny Café Raymond, which serves fruit juices, beer and a mix of Indonesian and Western food (including steaks), with a few Indian dishes thrown in for good measure. Ask here a…