Top Choice Fort in Bengkulu

Fort Marlborough

Set on a hill overlooking the Indian Ocean, the star-shaped Benteng Marlborough, a former British fort, became the seat of British power in Bengkulu after 1719, when it replaced nearby Fort York. Despite its sturdy …
Waterfall in Bengkulu

Beringin Tiga & Curug Embun

A straightforward hike here through coffee and palm-sugar plantations finishes at a campsite near an idyllic natural hot spring, from where you can take short hikes to the Beringin Tiga falls and the remarkable Curu…
Animal Sanctuary in Bengkulu

Seblat Elephant Conservation Centre

The Seblat Elephant Conservation Centre is a conservation project set up to manage human-elephant conflict, as well as to protect the forests and wildlife. Here you can assist mahouts on elephant treks, on anything …
Volcano in Bengkulu

Bukit Kaba

This active volcano with three craters makes for a relatively straightforward ascent with two trail options: an easier gravel path or a tougher trail through dense jungle. Both take around three hours. From the top …
Volcano in Bengkulu

Bukit Daun

Famous for its seven multicoloured boiling pools, the whitest allegedly home to the Kawah Putri spirit who’ll come if you call her, Bukit Daun makes for a challenging three-day adventure. It involves trekking throug…
Museum in Bengkulu

Soekarno House Museum

This is the house where Indonesia's first president, Sukarno, and his family lived in detention for three years from 1938–41 under Dutch rule. It features original furnishings along with a collection of his books, p…
Cemetery in Bengkulu

British Cemetery

A fascinating remnant from the British rule in Bengkulu is this historical cemetery featuring grave stones of the English dating back to 1770. It's a well-maintained site at the rear of the church.
Island in Bengkulu

Pulau Tikus

Reachable via a 30-to-40-minute fishing boat ride (from 750,000Rp), this small island 15km west of Bengkulu is surrounded by coral reef, making it an excellent snorkelling destination.
Beach in Bengkulu

Pantai Panjang

Bengkulu’s main beach, Pantai Panjang, is 7km of clean white sand. Strong surf and currents make it unsafe for swimming, but there are decent surf breaks towards the northern and southern ends of the beach. Unusuall…
Museum in Bengkulu

State Museum of Bengkulu Province

Like every provincial capital in Sumatra, Bengkulu has a museum covering the local traditional culture, with exhibits including Arabic-influenced lettered Besurek batik, traditional architecture, cooking utensils, w…