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Full-Day Ubud and Beyond Tour Including Lunch

Your day will begin with a morning pickup from your hotel, where you guide and driver will welcome you for a day of exploration. The tour starts in Ubud, the ideal, green and artistic centre of the creative side of Bali: combining stunning landscapes with the famous rice paddy fields that surround quaint resorts and villages will certainly put an enchanting spell on you. We start with the Puri Saren Agung, located opposite the thriving Ubud market in the heart of the town. It is here where Ubud’s long tradition started as the home of the royal family. Influences dating back form the late 1800’s still are visible here and the attractiveness of the surroundings that initially started the movement of bohemian artists coming over to Bali. We follow our guide to a well-balanced tour in seeing a few galleries and a small museum, dedicated to the various types of domestic and international art that is created here.Back in the car and heading into the rural part where rice fields and lots of coconut trees form the décor along Tegallalang en route to the Tirta Empul, surrounded by a large shrine dedicated to the God Indra. The various springs here believe to have healing powers and devote Balinese still bathe here regularly and making offerings to the Gods. Official permission to enter these holy, curative waters is required from the priest as well donning into a sarong or sash before entering. Behind this temple, one can find the former presidential guest house, erected under the leadership of the former Indonesian president Soekarno.For lunch, the Chedi Club Hotel has been chosen as it has some of the most delicious food in a rustic setting in the area. A set lunch is prepared by the experienced chef of this hotel. After leaving the restaurant, we move towards Goa Gajah, better known as the Elephant Cave at Bedulu, an interesting site which is a former hermitage for local Buddhist monks. The history of this religious compound dates back to the 11th century and remains a popular place for worship. We end the day with driving back from the Goa Gajah to your hotel where you will arrive at around 5:30pm.

$24 Private & Custom Tours

Private Full Day Tour in Bali Ubud including Monkey Forest

To start your Ubud tour, you will be picked up by our driver at 8.30 am. Pickup facility that we offer is private car with full air conditioner. Our friendly driver will take you to the tourist spots of the tour.  It is the first route in your Ubud tour. Ubud monkey forest is a small forest in Ubud that is inhabited by monkeys where there is a temple in it. Inside, you can find an unspoiled forest atmosphere. The second route is to visit Celuk village. There you can see the silver making process in Bali, live from the craftsmen. You can join the crafting process and buy some silver souvenirs there. Very nice.The next interesting experience will be offered by visiting Tohpati village to see the batik making process in Bali. As already known that Bali has a unique Balinese batik that is used for a variety of fashion souvenirs.Continuing the route of Ubud tour to some craft centers in Bali, next you will be taken to visit Batuan village to see the making process of Bali painting. Batuan village is an old village in Ubud where many painting and carving artists live there.Satisfied enjoy the authenticity of Batuan village atmosphere, Ubud tour will take you visit Mas village to see the making process of wood curving. Mas village is one of the world's local wisdom. It is a village that is rich in art and ecological potentials where one-third of its people work in home industry and craft sectors. You can see directly the wood curving process in Mas village from the craftsmen.From Mas village, the next Ubud route visiting rice terrace which is a trademark of Ubud. This is a tourist spot formed of rows of tiered rice fields which are arranged beautifully and very instagrammable.This is a very impressive coffee agro-tourism in Ubud, Bali. You can enjoy the sensation of the most expensive coffee plantations in it. With agro-tourism packaging, you can also enjoy the sensation of coffee drinking in the open area.The last route in your Ubud tour is visiting Goa Gajah temple. Goa Gajah is an artificial cave located in Bedulu village, Blahbatu, Gianyar. This temple serves as a place of worship. From Ubud, its location is only 5 km away. This is the last tourist spot you can enjoy in your Ubud Tour.

$18 Cultural & Theme Tours

Bali Heritage and art tour

Our driver will meet and greet you at your hotel lobby by 8:30 am and check your booking before we start the tour. first we will proceed to see Traditional Barong and Keris Dance. Barong is a character in the mythology of Bali. He is the king of the spirits ,leader of the hosts of good,  and enemy of Rangda. Rangda is reflected as bad spirit in Bali. The dance will be one hour. Then we will visit Batik art production which is located in Batubulan village. In this place we will see the process of making Batik and also hand waving in traditional way. Then the trip will continue to see Bali traditional house compound located in Batuan village. This House compound is part of important rules for Balinese about the way they build their houses. Then we will continue to visit Painting art production still in Batuan village too. To see the painters how they make their painting and also we can see famous fine art too. Then we will go to see Elephant Cave temple which is located in Bedulu village. This temple used to for meditation in the cave or famous with Goa Gajah. And our last attraction will be Tegelalang Rice terrace. Lets see the nature of rice terraces with local farmers before we drive back.

$23 Food, Wine & Nightlife

Bali Night Market and Day Highlight Tour

Our Friendly driver will meet and greet you at your hotel lobby by 12 noon. He will check your booking and explain about the trip. first we will drive to see Tegenungan water fall which is located in Tegenungan village to enjoy the nature around water fall and we may go down to the river to get closer to the water fall. Then we will proceed to Goa Gajah or Elephant cave Temple at Bedulu village. This temple is Famous with the cave where it used to for meditation and also we will find lingga yoni that as simbol of Tri murti or 3 main God such as: Brahma,Wisnu,Siwa. And also we will see Ganesha statue too. After done with this temple, we will continue our trip to see Luwak coffee plantation where we will see the process of making Luwak coffee in traditional way. And also we can try some herbal drinks like ginger tea, lemon grass tea, chocolate, and many more. Then we will continue to see Rice terrace in Tegalalang village. Lets enjoy the nature of rice field in terraces shape with local farmer working on their field. good to have some pictures and walk around the field before we go to our last stop to Night market. Around 45 minutes drive from Tegalalang rice terrace, we will visit Gianyar Night Market or Pasar Senggol. Our driver will show you around the market to see where local people go for their dinner. Its always nice to know deeper about local activities at  night market after their day. We will have our dinner here at Night Market too. choice of dinner will be Babi Guling ( suckling pig) or Ayam tutu ( Roasted of chicken) with Balinese sauce. it will serve with rice, mix vegetable and bottled water.  This tour will be around 8-10 hours  trip and our driver will also assist you in each places to take your pictures for your memory in Bali and explain generally about places that we visit.

$48 Day Trips & Excursions

Tour view of rice field, temples: Tegalalang Terrace, Tampak Siring, Yeh Pulu

Tegallalang Rice Terraces in Ubud is famous for its beautiful scenes of rice paddies involving the subak (traditional Balinese cooperative irrigation system). The Tegallalang rice terraces alone offers a scenic outlook that spreads down before you and away to the rice paddies on the slopes across the valley. The high roadside location is cool and breezy and it is a well-known spot for tourists to stop and take photos. Painters and nature lovers also enjoy visiting this spot, and there are numerous art kios Tirta Empul Temple is built around the sacred spring at Tampak Siring. For more than a thousand years, Balinese worshipers have been drawn to Tirta Empul Temple whose sacred spring is said to have been created by Indra and to have curative properties. The tradition continues almost unchanged at the temple today.Over 1000 years old, the temple and its two bathing places have been used by the people for good health and prosperity because of the spring water's curative powers. Lunch at local restaurant Relief Yeh Pulu Temple is located in Bedulu village, in ricefield area, about 300 meters in the east of Batulumbang village, less than 26 km from Denpasar, in situation of traffic lane Denpasar – Tampak Siring – Kintamani. This monument was found by “ Punggawa Ubud” on 1925, has researched and published by Archeological Department of Holland which was lead by Dr W. F Sutterhien on 1929.

$48 Day Trips & Excursions

Cosmo Bali Package Private Tours: Goa Gajah, Yeh Pulu temple, Lunch, Gunung Kawi

Goa Gajah Temple or Elephant Cave Temple which is located in west side of countryside, Blah Batuh Sub district and Gianyar Regency. This cave is built at crevasse edge from the federation of 2 rills that is called Pangkung River , where the irrigation is mixed with Petanu River flow. The Goa Gajah's name is written on Negara Kertagama papyrus which is compiled by Mpu Prapanca on 1365 M. Lwa or Lwah/Loh mean the river and it reflect to the meaning that the hermitage is located at Gajah River or in Air Gajah. Relief Yeh Pulu is located in Bedulu village, in ricefield area, about 300 meters in the east of Batulumbang village, less than 26 km from Denpasar, in situation of traffic lane Denpasar – Tampak Siring – Kintamani. This monument was found by “ Punggawa Ubud” on 1925, has researched and published by Archeological Department of Holland which was lead by Dr W. F Sutterhien on 1929. Lunch at local restaurant Gunung Kawi Temple is one of Bali’s most unique archaeological sites, comprising a collection of ancient shrine reliefs carved into the face of a rock cliff. The main site overlooks the sacred Pakerisan River, which also flows by the Tirta Empul Temple a kilometre up north. Across the river from the ancient reliefs is a temple courtyard featuring old Hindu shrines in a more contemporary architectural style