Top things to do in Bau Bau

Palace in Bau Bau


High above the town centre is the kraton, the Wolio royal citadel with impressively long and well-preserved 16th-century walls and battlements that offer great views over the town and its north-facing bay. Much of d…
Indonesian in Bau Bau

RM Sambal Lado

Being right across from the mosque and the ferry dock, this brightly lit padang joint, with excellent green sambal, has a high turnover of food, which keeps dishes fresh.
Beach in Bau Bau

Pantai Nirwana

Nine kilometres southwest of Bau Bau, the nearest white-sand beach is the attractively palm-lined Pantai Nirwana, though like most beaches in the area, it gets absolutely mobbed on the weekends by locals and rubbish…
Museum in Bau Bau

Pusat Kebudayaan Wolio

Some 500m beyond the citadel’s south gate is a cultural centre and museum in a restored old mansion-palace. On display are items from the court and lots of photos of notable people. It is also the focal point of Bau…
Beach in Bau Bau

Pantai Batauga

This pebbly beach, 21km southwest of Bau Bau, is a favourite of locals for swimming.