Top things to do in Batu

Indonesian in Batu

Warung Bethania Batu

This bamboo-walled restaurant with unusual tree-trunk furnishings and pictures of past clients on the walls, is the best-known place in Batu for fried fish and chicken. Both are served with delicious sides of fresh …
Hot Springs in Batu


Songgoriti, 3km west of Batu, has well-known hot springs and a small, ancient Hindu temple on the grounds of the Hotel Air Panas Songgoriti. The temple, which dates back to the 9th century, was once much larger, and…
Village in Batu

Sumber Brantas

The small village of Sumber Brantas, far above Selekta resort, and in a gorgeous misty mountain setting, is at the source of the Sungai Brantas (Brantas River). From here you can walk 2km to Air Panas Cangar, hot sp…
Hot Springs in Batu

Air Panas Cangar

Hot springs high in the mountains. While the jungly surrounds are attractive, the springs themselves are a little run-down, and there's quite a lot of rubbish.
Waterfall in Batu

Air Terjun Cubanrondo

The tall and narrow single waterfall of Air Terjun Cubanrondo drops off the cliffs 5km southwest of Songgoriti.