Top things to do in Banyuwangi

Beach in Banyuwangi

Pulau Tabuhan

A droplet of creamy white sand, topped with a tuft of scrub, this tiny island set offshore from Java, nearly halfway to Bali, is surrounded by a ring of turquoise shallows with a deep blue drop-off about 50m from sh…
Indonesian in Banyuwangi

Warung Bik Ati

For over 70 years Bik Ati has been perfecting its house special, nasirawon (black beef soup with rice). The secret to the taste is the inclusion of keluak seeds, which (and you might prefer to read this after your m…
Cultural in Banyuwangi

Banyuwangyi Festival

The Banyuwangyi Festival is a two-month series of music, arts, culture and sporting events organised by the stellar tourist office, and is held on weekends in August and September. The Jazz Festival is one such even…
Seafood in Banyuwangi

Ikan Bakar Pesona

A classic Indonesian fish house where the tablecloths are sealed in plastic to easily wipe down the Makassar-style shrapnel after a serious feast. Famous for 10 flavours of crab (get yours Padang style), it also doe…
Museum in Banyuwangi

Blambangan Museum

Located in the same building as the tourist office, this small museum is devoted to culture from the area, with batik and traditional costumes, ceramics and curios. Labelling is a bit hit and miss, but the museum tu…
Sports in Banyuwangi

Tabuhan Island Pro

The magnificent kite-surf contest is normally held on Tabuhan Island in late August, but in 2018 the contest didn't take place. Check back in 2019 to see if it's on again.
Temple in Banyuwangi

Hoo Tong Bio Chinese Temple

One of the few sights in Banyuwangi is this dragon-encrusted temple, built in 1784. It’s well worth a peek.