Bandung shopping

Art in Bandung

Kayu Solid

The coolest showroom on Jl Braga displays the artistry of nature. The medium here is huge slabs of tropical wood, minimally treated and displayed like fine art. Admire the wonders of teak, jackfruit, rosewood and ma…
Mall in Bandung

Bandung Supermal

More than 200 shops, including Boss and Levi's, a huge Hero supermarket, a bowling alley and cinemas.
Mall in Bandung

Cihampelas Walk

A modern indoor-outdoor sweep of a shopping mall, with a food court on the leafy ground floor and a blend of small businesses and international chains on two levels. There's also a kid-friendly arcade with rides and…
Mall in Bandung

Braga City Walk

Small upmarket shopping mall with boutiques, a food court, a cinema and a supermarket.
Market in Bandung

Pasar Jatayu

Search this flea market for collectables hidden amid the junk.
Market in Bandung

Pasar Baru

Somewhat grotty central market, but good for fresh fruit.