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Cilu Bintang Estate

The best place to stay in Bandaneira is also a good place to eat. During high season, or when there are enough guests, there's an excellent evening buffet of spanking-fresh baked fish, soups liberally spiced with Ba…
Indonesian in Bandaneira

Delfika Cafe

Attached to the penginapan of the same name, Delfika serves seasonal fruit juices, delicious nutmeg-jam pancakes, soto ayam (chicken soup), nasi ikan (rice and fish) and a variety of fried noodle and vegetable dishe…
Indonesian in Bandaneira

Nutmeg Cafe

Bolted on to a family home, sleepy, shuttered Nutmeg Cafe is a charmer. It serves noodles, juices, fish and rice, a good soto ayam and thick pancakes to slather with house-jarred nutmeg jam.
Indonesian in Bandaneira


Opening on to the courtyard of the owner's house, this reliable rumah makan (eating house) offers ice cream and some Western dishes, alongside well-executed Indonesian staples.
Indonesian in Bandaneira

Rumah Makan Nusantara

A friendly spot for ikan bakar (grilled fish), ayam (chicken) in all its forms, and rice and noodle dishes. Decent juices and coffee are on offer too.