Banda Aceh attractions

Top Choice Mosque in Banda Aceh

Mesjid Raya Baiturrahman

With its brilliant-white walls, ebony-black domes and towering minaret, this 19th-century mosque is a dazzling sight. The best time to visit is during Friday-afternoon prayers, when the entire building and courtyard…
Top Choice Museum in Banda Aceh

Tsunami Museum

A visit to this beautifully designed, hard-hitting museum commences with a walk through a dark, dripping tunnel that symbolises the 2004 tsunami waves. This is followed by a powerful set of images of the devastation…
Museum in Banda Aceh

Rumah Aceh

In the same compound as the Museum Negeri Banda Aceh, the Rumah Aceh is a fine example of traditional Acehnese architecture, built without nails and held together with cord and pegs. Inside is a typical traditional …
Historic Building in Banda Aceh


All that remains of Aceh’s powerful sultanates today is on view at Gunongan. Built by Sultan Iskandar Muda (1607–36) as a gift for his Malay princess wife, it was intended as a private playground and bathing place. …
Museum in Banda Aceh

Museum Negeri Banda Aceh

This state museum displays Acehnese weaponry, household furnishings, ceremonial costumes, everyday clothing, gold jewellery, calligraphy and some magnificently carved recong (Acehnese daggers) and swords. It also co…
Cemetery in Banda Aceh


The Kherkhof is the last resting place of more than 2000 Dutch and Indonesian soldiers who died fighting the Acehnese. The entrance is around 50m west of the Tsunami Museum. Tablets set into the walls by the entranc…
Memorial in Banda Aceh

PLTD Apung I

PLTD Apung I is the 2500-tonne power-generator vessel that was carried almost 5km inland by the 2004 tsunami wave. It's now preserved as a memorial about 2km southwest of the city centre. You can clamber on board to…
Memorial in Banda Aceh

Lampulo Boat

The most famous of the 2004 tsunami sights is the fishing boat resting on the house in Lampulo village, about 2km north of Banda Aceh and 1km from where it was docked. It's said that 59 villagers survived the tsunam…
Cemetery in Banda Aceh

Siron Tsunami Memorial Park

The largest of the 2004 tsunami mass graves is at Lambaro, on the road to the airport, where 46,000 unidentified bodies were buried. It's a peaceful, moving sight.
Landmark in Banda Aceh

Water Tower

A legacy of Dutch rule is this rather squat 1880s water tower, which now stands as a city landmark.