Cycling in Lovina

Sovina Shop

Sovina Shop has a good selection of bicycles for hire from 40,000Rp per day. Motorbikes are 60,000Rp per day.
Taxi in Bali

Blue Bird Taxi

The best taxi company by far, Blue Bird Taxi uses blue vehicles with a light on the roof bearing a stylised bluebird. Drivers speak reasonable English and use the meter at all times. Many expats will use no other fi…
Bus Stop in Ubud

Kura-Kura Bus

Runs a tourist shuttle bus (line 5) between Sanur and Ubud. There are four stops in Ubud, including in front of the Puri Lukisan Museum on JI Raya Ubud and the Alaya Resort near the corner of JI Hanoman and Monkey F…
Bus in Candidasa


Runs shuttle services to Kuta (75,000Rp, three hours, three daily) via Ubud (75,000Rp, two hours) and Sanur (75,000Rp, 2½ hours), Padangbai (35,000Rp, 30 minutes, three daily), Tirta Gangga (75,000Rp, 45 minutes, on…
Shuttle in Kuta & Legian


The main tourist shuttle-bus operation in town; may do hotel pickups and drop-offs for an extra 10,000Rp (confirm with staff when making arrangements). It usually has at least one bus a day to destinations including…
Bus in Bali

Kura-Kura Bus

This innovative expat-owned tourist bus service covers important areas of south Bali and Ubud. Buses have wi-fi and run during daylight and early evening; from every 20 minutes to over two hours. Check schedules onl…
Bus in Padangbai


Shuttle service connecting Padangbai with other parts of Bali. Destinations include Kuta, Denpasar airport, Sanur and Ubud (all 75,000Rp, three daily); Amed and Tulumben (100,000Rp, one daily); Lovina (175,000Rp, on…
Shuttle in Padangbai

Made's Tourist Service

Sells shuttle tickets to Ubud (75,000Rp), Sanur (75,000Rp), Kuta (75,000Rp), Denpasar airport (75,000Rp), Tirta Gangaa (95,000Rp, three passenger minimum), Candidasa (65,000Rp, two passenger minimum), Tulumben (125,…
Motorcycle Rental in Kerobokan

Bali Bike Rental

An alternative to the thousands of freelance motorbike renters on Bali. For the extra money, you get a motorbike in prime shape along with extras such as clean helmets, roadside assistance and more. Faster, more pow…
Ferry in Sanur

Fast Boat for Nusa Lembongan & the Gili Islands

Myriad fast boats to Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida, Lombok and the Gilis depart from a strip of beach south of Jl Hang Tuah. None of these services use a dock: be prepared to wade to the boat. Most companies have shad…