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Metered taxis are common in south Bali and Denpasar (but not Ubud). They are essential for getting around and you can usually flag one down in busy areas. They're often a lot less hassle than haggling with drivers offering 'transport!'

  • The best taxi company by far is Blue Bird Taxi, which uses blue vehicles with a light on the roof bearing a stylised bluebird. Drivers speak reasonable English and use the meter at all times. Many expats will use no other firm. Blue Bird has a slick app that summons a taxi to your location just like Uber. Watch out for fakes – there are many. Look for 'Blue Bird' over the windscreen and the phone number.
  • Taxis are fairly cheap: Kuta to Seminyak can be 80,000Rp.
  • Avoid any taxis where the driver won't use a meter, even after dark when they claim that only fixed fares apply.
  • Other taxi scams include lack of change, 'broken' meter, fare-raising detours and offers for tours, massages, prostitutes etc.