Mexican in Seminyak

Motel Mexicola

Not your average taqueria, Motel Mexicola is an extravaganza that channels a tropical version of a nightclub. The huge space is decked out in kitschy neon and palm trees. Food is secondary to drinks: soft corn torti…
Mexican in Seminyak

Taco Beach Grill

As sprightly as a chilli-accented salsa, this open-fronted casual cafe is known for its babi guling tacos. Obviously merging Bali's iconic suckling pig with Mexican flavours is a good thing. Expect the usual south-o…
Mexican in Ubud

Taco Casa

Sure, Mexico is almost exactly on the opposite side of the globe (get one and check!), but the flavours have found their way to Bali. Tasty versions of burritos, tacos and more have just the right mix of heat and sp…