Top Choice Indonesian in Denpasar

Warung Satria

On a quiet street; try the seafood satay served with a shallot sambal. Otherwise, choose from the immaculate displays, but don't wait too long after lunch or it will all be gone. There is a second location near the …
Indonesian in Denpasar

Cak Asmo

Join the government workers and students from the nearby university for superb dishes cooked to order in the bustling kitchen. Order the buttery and crispy cumi cumi (calamari) battered in telor asin (a heavenly mix…
Top Choice Indonesian in Denpasar

Café Teduh

A little oasis hidden down a tiny lane, with hanging orchids, trees, flowers and ponds with fountains. Try ayam dabu-dabu (grilled chicken with chilli paste, tomatoes, shallots, lemongrass and spices) or nasi bakar …
Cafe in Nusa Lembongan

Deck Cafe & Bar

Straddling the main hillside walkway, the stylish bar and cafe of the Batu Karang hotel offers creative drinks, gorgeous views and interesting snacks (it has a good bakery).
Top Choice International in Balian Beach

Tékor Bali

Down a small lane 100m back from the beach, this inviting restaurant with a grassy lawn feels a bit like you've come to a mate's backyard for a barbecue. The menu is broad, with all the usual local and surfer favour…
Top Choice International in Nusa Lembongan

Hai Bar & Grill

This wide-open bar with wide-open views of the bay and sunsets is the most stylish restaurant bar along Tanjung Sanghyang (Mushroom Bay). The menu mixes Asian and Western dishes, and there are comforts such as fresh…
Top Choice Cafe in Ped


A popular spot for volunteers at the NGOs, this small cafe and shop is run by the ever-charming Mike, a Brit who is a font of Penida knowledge. There's art on the walls, hand-roasted filter coffee and a Western menu…
Top Choice Cafe in Bingin

Cashew Tree

The Cashew Tree is the place to hang out in Bingin. Surfers and beach goers gather for tasty vegan and vegetarian meals. Expect the likes of tempeh rice-paper rolls with tahini dipping sauce, and smoothies with bana…
Cafe in Ped

Penida Colada

The cocktails at this charming seaside-shack cafe, run by an Indo–Aussie husband-wife team, are a must. Fresh, creative concoctions include aloe-lime mojitos and dragon-fruit daiquiris to go with a menu of grilled f…
Bakery in Denpasar

Bali Bakery

Small branch of the Kuta cafe known for good Western baked goods.