Top Choice Indonesian in Denpasar

Warung Satria

On a quiet street; try the seafood satay served with a shallot sambal. Otherwise, choose from the immaculate displays, but don't wait too long after lunch or it will all be gone. There is a second location near the …
Top Choice Indonesian in Denpasar

Café Teduh

A little oasis hidden down a tiny lane, with hanging orchids, trees, flowers and ponds with fountains. Try ayam dabu-dabu (grilled chicken with chilli paste, tomatoes, shallots, lemongrass and spices) or nasi bakar …
Top Choice International in Balian Beach

Tékor Bali

Down a small lane 100m back from the beach, this inviting restaurant with a grassy lawn feels a bit like you've come to a mate's backyard for a barbecue. The menu is broad, with all the usual local and surfer favour…
Top Choice Cafe in Bingin

Cashew Tree

The Cashew Tree is the place to hang out in Bingin. Surfers and beach goers gather for tasty vegan and vegetarian meals. Expect the likes of tempeh rice-paper rolls with tahini dipping sauce, and smoothies with bana…
Indonesian in Denpasar

Nasi Uduk

Open to the street, this spotless little stall has a few chairs and serves up Javanese treats such as nasi uduk (sweetly scented coconut rice with fresh peanut sauce) and lalapan (a simple salad of fresh lemon basil…
Market in Denpasar

Pasar Malam Kereneng

At this excellent night market dozens of vendors dish up food until dawn.
Indonesian in Denpasar

Ayam Goreng Kalasan

The name here says it all: fried chicken (ayam goreng) named for a Javanese temple (Kalasan) in a region renowned for its fiery, crispy chicken. Note the hint of lemongrass imbued by a long marination before cooking…
Indonesian in Denpasar

Cak Asmo

Join the government workers and students from the nearby university for superb dishes cooked to order in the bustling kitchen. Order the buttery and crispy cumi cumi (calamari) battered in telor asin (a heavenly mix…
Cafe in Balangan Beach

Nasa Café

Inside the shady bamboo bar built on stilts above the sand, the wraparound view through the drooping thatched roof is of a vibrant azure ribbon of crashing surf. The simple Indo meals set the tone for the four basic…
Indonesian in Kusamba to Padangbai

Merta Sari

Follow the crowds of Balinese to this open-air pavilion that’s famous for its nasi campur. This version of the island’s plate lunch includes juicy, pounded fish satay, a slightly sour, fragrant fish broth, fish stea…