While there's no shortage of beaches, ones with white sand aren't as common as you’d think – most are some variation of tan or grey.

Seminyak Beach This wide stretch of sand boasts great surf for both swimmers and surfers. Don't miss sunset.

Balangan Beach This curving white-sand beach is ramshackle in an endearing way and perfect for a snooze or booze.

Padang Padang Beach Great white sands and some of the best surfer-watching you'll find anywhere.

Nusa Lembongan Beaches Little coves of dreamy sand you can walk between, plus fab swimming.


With more than 10,000 temples, Bali has such a variety that you can’t even categorise them.

Pura Luhur Batukau One of Bali’s most important temples is a misty, remote place that's steeped in ancient spirituality.

Pura Taman Ayun A beautiful moated temple with a royal past; part of Unesco's recognition of Bali's rice traditions.

Pura Lempuyang Older than most Balinese temples, this spectacularly sited pura on the slopes of Mount Lempuyang is one of the holiest sites of worship on the island.

Pura Luhur Ulu Watu As significant as it is popular, this temple has sweeping views, sunset dance performances and monkeys.


Nightclubs on Bali draw acolytes from across Southeast Asia.

Seminyak Beach clubs where the cocktails somehow taste better when you can hear the surf.

Kuta All raw energy and a mad mix of party-goers enjoying every aspect of Bali hedonism.

Legian Beach bars and beanbags on the sand where the glow of sunset segues into the twinkle of stars.

Echo Beach A necklace of ephemeral beach bars runs along the sand going west; some have raves.


The island’s creative heritage is everywhere you look and there’s nothing manufactured about it. Dance and musical performances are the result of an ever-evolving culture with a legacy that's centuries long.

Dance Rigid choreography and discipline are hallmarks of beautiful, melodic Balinese dance, which no visitor should miss.

Gamelan The ensemble orchestra creates its unforgettable music with bamboo and bronze instruments at performances and celebrations.

Painting Balinese and Western styles merged in the 20th century and the results are often extraordinary. See some of the best in Ubud’s museums.

Offerings Artful and ubiquitous, you'll discover them at your hotel room door and in huge stacks at temples.

Great Food

Enjoy superb dining on cuisines from around the world, or go local with the subtle flavours of Balinese cuisine.

Seminyak The spot with the greatest variety of top restaurants – on a 10-minute stroll you can wander the world.

Kerobokan The go-to area for the hottest and best restaurants, plus some superb Balinese warungs.

Canggu Bali's liveliest hot spot sees interesting cafes and restaurants opening every week.

Denpasar Local cafes serve exceptional Balinese and Indonesian food in simple surrounds.

Ubud A profusion of creative restaurants and cafes, many organic and healthful, all delicious.


Some consider Bali a great destination for shopping; for others it's their destiny.

Seminyak Sometimes it seems everyone in Seminyak is a designer; the reality is that many actually are.

Kerobokan A continuation of stores north of Seminyak sees myriad places offering everything from housewares to fashion.

Ubud Excellent for handicrafts, art, yoga wear and more.

South of Ubud Artisan craft shops abound in towns like Mas; look for the market in Sukawati.