Must-see attractions in Indonesia

  • Llong Angen

    This rocky beach on the western side of Pulau Weh is ideally located for sunset viewing.

  • Pantai Batauga

    This pebbly beach, 21km southwest of Bau Bau, is a favourite of locals for swimming.

  • Kerobokan Jail

    The notorious Kerobokan jail is home to prisoners both infamous and unknown.

  • Pantai Kurenai

    A sandy beach 10km south of town blissfully devoid of hawkers and warung.

  • Pantai Pering

    This beach has burnt-umber-hued sand and a small snack shack.

  • Entrance

    West entrance to Kebun Raya botanical gardens.

  • Entrance

    East entrance to Kebun Raya botanical gardens.

  • Kampung Waitabar

    It’s only a short stroll from most hotels to Prai Klembung and then up the hill that juts from the centre of town to Tarung and Waitabar. Kampung Waitabar…

  • Gunung Rinjani National Park

    The official website for the park has good info and maps, and a useful section on reported scams by dodgy hiking operators.