Museum in Central Kalimantan

Istana Kadriah

For an outing that will show you a bit of town, visit the leaking palace of Pontianak's first sultan on the east bank of the Kapuas. Nearby, the wooden Mesjid Abdurrahman stands where a cannonball reportedly landed …
Wildlife Reserve in East Kalimantan

KWPLH Balikpapan

This informative sun bear conservation centre is surprisingly straight to the point about the heart-breaking plight of all of Kalimantan's animals. Seven resident bears hide in their 1.3-hectare walled enclosure unt…
Forest in East Kalimantan

Bukit Bangkirai

Perhaps it is the adrenaline from standing in a 30m-tall old-growth dipterocarp tree…perhaps it is the impressive view…but it is hard not to feel emotional about the countless other trees no longer standing nearby –…
Beach in Bukit Peninsula

Impossibles Beach

Wildlife Reserve in East Kalimantan

Samboja Lestari

A Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation project, Samboja Lestari houses around 200 orangutans and 50 sun bears. Half day tours (9am to 1pm and 2pm to 8pm, reserve ahead) show off the centre's residents and accomplish…
Wildlife Reserve in Kalimantan

Penangkaran Buaya Crocodile Farm

Wildlife Reserve in West Kalimantan

Cabang Panti

School in Central Highlands

Green School

Forest in East Kalimantan

Sungai Wain

In the mid-'90s, 82 orangutans were released in this protected forest, but fires and illegal logging have taken their toll. Get a 6am start to maximise wildlife viewing. Take angkot 8 to Km15 (6000Rp), and an ojek 6…