Top things to do in Asmat

Top Choice Gifts & Souvenirs in Agats

Asmat Queen Art Shop

A longstanding tribal art emporium offering up some of Asmat's finest pieces, including shields, spears, totem poles, costumes, wood carvings, drums and even crocodile skulls. Expend to spend upwards of 700,000Rp (a…
Museum in Agats

Museum Kebudayaan dan Kemajuan Asmat

Has a fantastic collection of Asmat art and artefacts, from bis poles and skulls to full-body dance outfits, all split between this location (which still keeps regular hours), and a newer one on Jalan Yos Sudarso at…
Cultural in Agats

Pesta Budaya Asmat

Over five days in October each year, Agats comes alive with this exhibition of the region's craftsmanship and culture. Festivities include carving contests, canoe races and tribal ceremonies.